Duckboard rail on Maritimo 60 boat with bait board

Custom stainless duckboard rails on Maritimo 60, including bait boards and rod holders

Duckboard rails attach to the back (stern) of your boat and can include a range of boating and fishing accessories.

Stainless stern rail with Cookout Baitboard

Duckboard rails are not only a convenient way to free up space on your duckboard, they are also an important safety feature for your boat.

You can add stainless steel rails to your existing duckboard, update your old dated rails with a stylish new design or to add even more room to the back of your boat you could extend your duckboard, which of course we can help with.

Our duckboard rails are crafted to the highest standards using only the finest marine grade 316 stainless steel and are fully electropolished to reduce tea staining and increase the longevity of your rails.

This customer on their Maritimo 60 'Rhapsody' decided to remove and update the old rails, adding two single duckboard rails featuring rod holders, a sheet bait board and a tubular bait board for the ultimate fishing set up.

These bait boards are mounted with our removable pins, allowing this customer the freedom to easily change around accessories as needed. These removable pins are interchangeable with our range of Cookout BBQ's and bait boards with endless configurations available.

As they say, it's the small practical things on a boat that make life easier and more enjoyable!