Australian made custom stainless boat names and letters. Fabricated in-house from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel your stainless boat name, port name or letters are made to suit your exact size, location, and requirements.

Marine stainless boat names and letters Australia

Boat Names & Letters


Boat names and letters are usually cut from 3mm high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, however can be cut from up to 20mm.

Australian Made

Our stainless boat names and letters are built at our Gold Coast manufacturing facility in Ormeau, Queensland and installed on-site servicing all of South East Queensland.

If your installation location is not located in South East Queensland, we can recommend a qualified and reputable installer.

Why create your boat names & letters with us?

We offer expert advice and are here to help you with your design, for some inspiration please scroll down to our image gallery to view some examples of past boat names and letters.

Each order is also delivered with fitting instructions and templates, ensuring your name and stainless letters are fitted correctly.

Creating Your Boat Name & Letters


Step 1 - Choose your font.

We recommend using DaFont to choose your font style.

There are thousands of fonts available and this website allows you to preview your boat name in each font. Simply type your boat name into 'Custom Preview' to see a live preview.


Step 2 - Select your font size.

Select an area on the back of your boat (and sides if you are also purchasing a port name), measure the maximum length and height available and send these dimensions to us in the 'Build Your Boat Name' form below or to

Once these dimensions are received our designer will then work out the parameters of the letters in your chosen font.

In addition, if you provide us with a clear straight-on photo of the back of your boat (upload in form below), with reference to the measurements of the height and length of the transom and/or side panel (and the dimensions of the transom door, if applicable) our designer can scale and provide a mock-up of the letters on your boat.

Please Note: Common sizing for boat name letters range between 150mm and 220mm in height (tall), while common sizing for port names ranges from 35mm to 100mm in height (tall).


Step 3 - Final details confirmed.

Standard material thickness is 3mm.

Optional sizes are 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm.

We will send you an email to finalise your boat name size, correct spelling, material options and costs.


Step 4 - Manufacturing the letters.

Our designer will trace the letters and create a cut file for our in-house laser cutting machine.

The stainless steel letters are then cut from 3mm thick mirror polished stainless steel (unless otherwise specified).

All stainless steel used in manufacturing our boat names is the high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel.


Step 5 - Passivate the letters.

The edges and rear face of all the letters is then passivated with a nitric solution.


Step 6 - Mirror Polish the face of the letters.

If the letters are required to be thicker than 3mm, we use a flat finish stainless steel and then mechanically polish to achieve a mirror finish.

All letters that are 3mm and under, the face of the letters is then mirror polished through a mechanical polishing process to achieve a highly reflective finish.

Boat names thicker than 3mm can also be polished around the edge of the letter/s by request, at an additional cost.

Please Note: Polishing the edge of the letter/s can substantially increase the cost of the finished product.


Step 7 - Prepare the letters for installation.

The boat name is cleaned with mineral turpentine or acetone to remove any dust or dirt before a protective mask is applied to the face of the letters and 3M industrial grade double-sided tape is applied to the back of the letters ready for installation.

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