Our wall mounted stainless steel hose reel provides an effective and tidy way to organise your garden hose and keep it protected when not in use. Easy to install, durable and keep your hose neatly coiled and out of the way.

Stainless steel hose reel Australian made

Stainless steel hose reels are the best way to protect your hose. Keeping the hose neatly coiled in a hose reel will keep your garden hose from kinking and protect it from the sun, which can dry and crack the hose.

Available in two styles:

  1. Hanging hose reel
  2. Rolling hose reel


Hose reels provide an effective way to keep your garden hose off the ground and protected when not in use.

Our garden hose reels are made from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, offering a durable, heavy-duty reel that won't rust.

A stainless hose reel isn't the cheapest option, but they will last you for years.

Easy To Use

Garden hose reels provide an effective way to organise and store your hoses simply and neatly.

All our garden hose reels come with a wall mount and are easy to install. Simply mount the bracket to the wall in your desired location and your hose reel is ready to use.

To use, attach the hose to the tap then roll up the hose after each use. This keeps the hose off the ground and protected when not in use, extending the life of your hose.


Our standard wall mounted hose reel is available to purchase online

Custom Hose Reels

If our standard hose reel doesn't suit your specific gardening requirements we also specialise in custom hose reel fabrication.

We can build wind up hose reels or create a different design reel, creating a personalised feature in your garden.

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