Abrasive waterjet cutting is our thing.

Our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machine is extremely diverse and capable of machining through almost any material or metal including stainless steel in any thickness.

Water jet cutting Australia

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Service

We offer abrasive waterjet cutting direct from our Ormeau factory, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Our machine, the Maxiem 2040 abrasive waterjet system can easily machine almost any material or metal, from stainless steel and titanium to carbon fiber and more.

It is also an environmentally "green" system offering a clean operation, fast cutting speeds and minimal waste.

It allows us to streamline a number of products and/or project components, resulting in faster turnaround times and more competitive prices.

Water jet cutting Queensland
Waterjet Cutting Queensland

Benefits of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting over Laser Cutting

  • Abrasive waterjet cutting provides optimum cutting productivity.
  • When laser cutting stainless steel the laser cut edge must be treated (chemically treated or polished) in order to prevent rusting while water cutting does not require treatment.
  • abrasive waterjet cutting does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses on material, it all leaves behind a satin-smooth edge.
  • Abrasive waterjet cutting is capable of cutting through any material and in any thickness. While laser cutting can be restricted to certain material thickness our Omax Maxiem abrasive waterjet machine can cut any thickness up to 300mm.
  • In addition to cutting any size material, waterjet cutting can cut any size hole in any thickness material, while laser cutting is restricted to cutting hole sizes equal to or larger than the thickness of material. I.e. When laser cutting 20mm thick plate you can only cut a 20mm diameter hole or larger, while water cutting 20mm plate we can cut a 3mm hole or smaller, if desired.

Process of Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting works by mixing high pressure water with garnet to create a focused high velocity stream, which erodes the material.

Unlike other cutting technologies waterjet cutting is not restricted by material thickness and grade, the cutting speed is simply adjusted to suit the materials cutting parameters.

It is ideally suited to cutting reflective materials and metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

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