High pressure water cutter australia

High pressure water cutter, abrasive water jet cutting

A high pressure water cutter, also known as abrasive water jet cutting works by mixing high pressure water with garnet to create a focused high velocity stream, eroding the material.

Unlike other cutting technologies waterjet cutting is not restricted by material thickness and grade, the cutting speed is simply adjusted to suit the materials cutting parameters. It is ideally suited to cutting reflective materials and metals such as stainless steel.

Our full abrasive waterjet cutting service, direct from our Ormeau factory, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland allows us to streamline several products and/or project components. It results in faster turnaround times, more competitive prices and is an environmentally "green" system offering a clean operation, fast cutting speeds and minimal waste.

Our machine, the Maxiem 2040 abrasive waterjet system can easily machine almost any material or metal, from stainless and titanium to carbon fiber and more.

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