Lisa Sorbie Martin Eterne stainless sculpture

Lisa Sorbie Martin ‘Eterne’ stainless sculpture for the HOTA

Lisa Sorbie Martin 'Eterne' sculptural installation created for the Home of the Arts (HOTA) to coincide with the opening of the HOTA Gallery 2021.

An ancient poetic word for eternal. Eterne means existing, unchanged forever, infinite in time that never ends, existence outside of time.

This sculptural installation can be encountered at various facets; however, when viewed from a particular vantage point, the artworks contorted oblong form alludes to the symbol of eternity. Streaming from the polished stainless steel semblance, fibre optic strands filter gracefully, creating a glowing canopy, casting ghostly shadows representing the brevity of life.

We enjoyed working alongside Lisa to bring this artwork to life. The mirror polished stainless steel infinity shape was handcrafted in-house from 8 individual tube pieces rolled to different, specific radiuses and complex curves. It is a seamless sculpture with all welds ground smooth and polished to perfection.

Our team are always ready and willing to take on any sized project, offering professional advice and a finished product that will exceed your expectations.

Lisa Sorbie Martin Eterne stainless steel sculpture