Stainless steel staircase, handrail or balustrade are a great addition to any home or commercial project. They are modern, durable, elegant, easy to clean and a great way to add individuality to any room or space.

Australian fabricated stainless stair case

Stainless Steel Staircase

We can provide a complete range of architectural, residential and/or commercial stainless steel staircase and balustrade solutions, for all types rooms, spaces and sizes.

Custom Design

Each stainless staircase is custom built, depending on your exact requirements and can be for indoor or outdoor use, that's the beauty of stainless steel.

Stainless Staircase Options

As each stainless staircase is custom fabricated, we can design it to meet your requirements and could include some following features:

  • Straight or spiral flights
  • Made with tension wires, mesh panels, feature rail or any other decorative designs
  • Glass panels enabling unobstructed views and creating a sense of open space
  • Wood panels adding a touch of warmth
  • Stainless staircases can be electropolished, to help protect them from the elements, especially outside
  • Handrails can be mirror polished or have a satin finish
  • Handrails can also be powder coated to achieve almost any colour
  • Or any other design idea you might have, we are here to help

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We are proud to offer free quotes for all staircases and handrails within South East Queensland, contact us today to find out more.

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