Designed and hand crafted in Australia, Cookout BBQ's are built to last. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel our residential BBQ's offer a wide variety of styles and are available in electric or gas models. Whether you are looking for a BBQ for the verandah, balcony or indoor area, if you enjoy BBQ cooking, you'll love the Cookout difference.


Designed and manufactured in Australia, Cookout BBQ's are built to last.

Our extensive range of residential barbecues are manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel and are carefully designed around the ever-changing conditions of the great outdoors and covered by a 12-month manufacturers warranty*.

Offering a wide variety of styles including indoor, portable, flush mount, grill, electric or gas model BBQ's, balcony brackets to BBQ trolleys and all the accessories in between, we will help you find your perfect BBQ.

All our BBQ's are also fully electropolished, meaning that any spec of impurity is removed from the surface of the stainless steel. This proccess further enhances the longevity of the finished product as well as giving a superior gleam to the BBQ's stainless surface.

Custom Fabrication

If our range of residential BBQ's don't fit your requirements, or you have a particular design in mind we are able to custom fabricate one for you.

Our team of designers and fabricators have vast industry experience and are extremely diverse, allowing us to offer the ability to build and design a residential BBQ to suit your specific needs.

On the balcony, courtyard or indoor area, we can build anything from small and portable BBQ’s to large flush mounted and built in BBQ’s.

Please Note: All custom BBQ’s require second tier certification, which we will co-ordinate on your behalf with a local gas certification company.

Australian Made

All of our residential Cookout BBQ's are designed and built at our Gold Coast manufacturing facility in Ormeau, Queensland.


*All our Cookout BBQ’s come with a 10-year structural warranty and 12-month warranty on parts.


All our residential Cookout BBQ's are available to purchase online

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BBQ Standard Range

Our Cookout BBQ's are long lasting and durable stainless steel BBQ's, manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Our wide range of residential Cookout BBQ’s and accessories are built to "endure the elements" and include:

Gas BBQ's

All our gas BBQ models are designed with the ability to let enough air circulation through the BBQ to allow for a superior flame and maximum heat, while the minimalist louvers restrict windy conditions from blowing out the flame.

Electric BBQ's

All our electric BBQ models are just as effective as gas models and are designed with a heat distributing backing plate, which directs all the elements heat towards the cooking plate rather than losing the heat within the body of the BBQ.

Infinity Grill BBQ

The Infinity Grill BBQ is certified for indoor or outdoor installation using LPG or natural gas and features a unique, patented side-burner design creating an excellent high heat grill and improved grilling performance. Delivering an innovative and effortless cleaning solution with a removable grill and disposable fat tray, the Infinity BBQ is truly impressive.

Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ

The electric Infinity Teppanyaki BBQ offers innovative dual cooking zones on a 5mm 2205 grade stainless steel cooking plate. With a maximised cooking area, once hot the BBQ plate retains the heat exceptionally well. It's easy to clean with the fat cup conveniently located under the BBQ and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. If you enjoy BBQ cooking, you’ll love the Infinity difference especially when paired with our Infinity Grill BBQ.

Flush Mount BBQ's

Our residential flush mount drop in BBQ’s are great for that built in BBQ area and for marine and boating use as you can’t go past its compact construction. The control panel is mounted to the underside of the BBQ, keeping the bench that it is installed within looking minimalist and streamlined.

Epicure BBQ

The Epicure BBQ is a bench mounted, electric teppanyaki BBQ suitable for residential or marine use. The Epicure BBQ features a 316 marine grade stainless steel body, 6mm 2205 duplex grade stainless steel cooking plate with left and right hand cooking zones, powered by 2 x 1600W 240V electric elements.

Teppanyaki BBQ's

Our traditional style Teppanyaki BBQ's are fully enclosed, meaning the burner is protected from the wind and elements when compared to restaurant grade teppanyaki BBQ models. Our Teppanyaki BBQ's are manufactured from quality 316 marine grade stainless steel and are available with either a 5CR12 or Duplex grade cooking plate.

Custom BBQ's

If any of our BBQ products do not suit your requirements, we are able to custom build to your specifications. On the boat or at the beach, we can build anything from small and portable BBQ’s to large flush mounted and built in BBQ’s.

BBQ Accessories

We also offer a range of residential accessories to enhance the use of our BBQ's when at home, on the balcony or picnic in the backyard.

Our residential accessories include, but are not limited to; gas bottles, utensil trays, fat cups, covers and a wide variety of mounting and stand options.


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All our residential Cookout BBQ's are available to purchase online

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