Benefits of stainless steel kitchen benches and sinks

Did you know that stainless steel bench tops and sinks not only look great, but are easy to clean and are extremely hygienic, perfect for your kitchen.


All our stainless steel bench tops can be custom manufactured to incorporate wet edges that help prevent liquid spilling over the edge or down the front of cabinetry, which are crucial around the sink or wet areas of your bench top (prolonging the life of your cabinets).

Splash backs can also be folded into the back of the bench, which protect your walls from spillage and water damage and also make the benches extremely easy to clean.

Sinks can be welded in and then polished smooth, which can make for a beautiful high end finish.

There are many different brands of high end stainless steel sinks available on the market such as Franke, Blanco, Oliveri and Abey to name a few. Welding in these high end sinks can make for a stunning addition to your kitchen.

We also offer the option of welding in commercial style sinks and bowls, which allow for additional depth and width when washing those extra-large pots and pans.

If you don’t want your sink welded in then we can always allow for a drop in model, where required. 

We custom fabricate all our kitchen bench tops and sinks, so we can help bring your dream kitchen to life.