Stainless Australian made Stern and Duckboard Rail

Our stainless stern and duckboard rails are custom built to fit your boat

Stainless stern rail with Cookout Baitboard
Stylish stainless duckboard rail

It's the small practical things on a boat that make your life easier.

When it comes to boating accessories duckboard and stern rails are definitely one of these.

The rails are attached to the back (stern) of your boat, usually on the duckboard or transom and are designed and fabricated to suit the curves of your vessel's duckboard. They can be either removable or fixed and depending on your requirements are made from a range of different diameter stainless steel tube.

They are important for safety but are also a convenient way to free up space on your duckboard ... meaning more room to play.

They can be used to setup a variety of marine and boating accessories including, but not limited to Cookout BBQs, bait boards, rod holders, flag or awning poles and dinghy, tender or outboard mounts.

Our stern and duckboard rails are also electropolished in-house to reduce tea staining and increase the longevity of your rails.