Stainless steel boat awning, rounded

Is your boats awning ready for summer?

Spotlight on stainless steel fly bridge awning/biminis and targa tops

Is your boat's awning ready for summer?

Here at Southern Stainless we understand how important it is to keep you and your family safe when out boating and stainless fly bridge boat awnings are a great way to help keep your family and friends protected from damaging UV rays.

This boat awning pictured was:

  • Mirror polished
  • Used oval and round tube sections
  • Customised to suit the curvature of the vessel
  • All welds ground and polished smooth

This is just one of the many designs available, with each awning customised to the vessel to ensure a seamless overall design.

Contact us today to discuss your awning needs and get ready to have a great summer out boating.