Thinking about extending or adding a duckboard to your boat? We can custom design and fabricate a stainless steel duckboard to suit your needs, size and boat, giving you more room to enjoy your boating all year round.



Our custom duckboards are hand crafted in Australia to the highest standards using only the finest marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Fabricated from heavy wall stainless tube or pipe the duckboards stainless frame is strong, durable and fully electropolished before installing, reducing tea staining and increasing its longevity.

The platform itself can be finished with teak, timber slats, plastic kingboard, fibreglass infill or any other suitable material.


Duckboards are basically an extension of your boat, which is attached to the stern (back) of your boat.

They not only add more room to your boat, giving you and your family or friends more room to play, they are also important for safety and assist in safely getting you back onto your boat.

Duckboards can also include either removable or fixed stainless steel duckboard rails, which we can fabricate and can include a variety of marine and boating accessories including, but not limited to Cookout BBQs, bait boards, rod holders, flag or awning poles and dinghy, tender or outboard mounts.

Custom Fabrication

All of our stainless steel duckboards are custom designed and fabricated to suit the curves of the boat as well as preferred size, shape and platform finish.

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Duckboard Rails

To further increase the safety of your duckboard we can add duckboard rails. Our rails are custom built and can be fixed or removable, depending on your requirements.

Fixed Rails

Fixed duckboard rails are more secure than removable rails as the post is welded to the foot of the rail. There is usually more benefit in opting for a fixed rail when mounting tenders to the aft of a vessel, when this tender may be attached to the stern rail via snap davit. In this scenario a fixed rail also allows for teardrop shaped foot pads and bracing legs, which can achieve better support for carrying heavier loads.

Fixed rails include:

  • Base plates fabricated from round or teardrop shaped foot pads
  • Include countersunk holes to suit 12-gauge countersunk screw fixings or 12-gauge countersunk machine thread bolts

Removable Rails

Removable duckboard rails are a great option when rails need to be used for safety for example, when a larger gathering of people are onboard but may then need to be removed when the vessel is being utilised for fishing. Another example; removing the rails if a jet ski or tender needs to be mounted on the duckboard while in transit. Then re-installing the rails to the duckboard for safety while moored.

Removable rails include:

  • Supplied with female flush deck mounts
    • Flush deck mounts have PVC inner sleeve to allow easier removal of stainless rails once installed
  • Include countersunk holes to suit 12-gauge countersunk screw fixings or 12-gauge countersunk machine thread bolts

We can also quote to include the required fixings (Nylok nuts, bolts, washers and backing plates), if required.

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Accessories & Extras

Duckboard rails can accomodate a variety of different marine and boating accessories.

These can include the following, to help maximise the best use of space on your boat:

  • Removable or fixed Cookout BBQ, or other marine BBQ brand
  • Removable pins for duckboard rails
    • Suitable to mount bait boards or Cookout BBQ's
  • Dinghy snap davit mounts to store your dinghy in an upright position and out of the water
  • Tender mounts, in various shapes and sizes
  • Outboard brackets
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Fender baskets
  • Rod holders
  • Rope cleats
  • Chain gates
  • Flag poles
  • Awning poles
  • Umbrellas
  • Any other marine accessory

All custom built, Southern Stainless are here to build you the perfect stern and duckboard rail to suit your specific needs.

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Australian Made

Duckboards, rails and accessories are all Australian made and built at our Gold Coast manufacturing facility in Ormeau, Queensland.

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If any of these, or another image you have come across are what you're after, simply send us an email with your details and description of the duckboard and our team will be in touch.

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