Stainless steel boat safety rails are custom fabricated to complement the curves of your vessel and are an important accessory for your boat or yacht. They provide support and help you and your passengers to safely move around.

Stainless steel boat safety rails Australia

Stainless Steel Boat Safety Rails

Stainless steel boat safety rails not only act as a safety device to prevent people from falling, but they also add to your boat's appearance.

They can be installed anywhere on a boat to increase both the safety and your confidence, as you move around your vessel.

Commonly boat safety rails are installed:

  • Guard rails on either side of the boat with fixings to allow easy and safe access as needed
  • Bow rails at the front of the boat
  • Duckboard and stern rails at the back of the boat
  • Grab rails usually installed on either the inside or outside of a cabin, allowing you too easily and safely move from the aft to the bow of the vessel

Our boat safety rails are curved and fabricated to complement the curves of your boat.

They are manufactured by hand and because of this we do not use off the shelf fittings, giving your safety rail a more seamless appearance.


Boat safety rails are fabricated from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Custom Fabrication

All stainless steel boat safety rails are custom fabricated to suit your boats curves and specific requirements. For each job one of our highly skilled team members will measure and template your boat to ensure a perfect fit.

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Australian Made

Our boat safety rails are proudly Australian made and built at our Gold Coast manufacturing facility in Ormeau, Queensland.

We design, manufacture and install locally, servicing all of South East Queensland.

If your installation location is not located in South East Queensland, we can recommend a qualified and reputable installer.

Tube Options

Boat safety rails tube diameters range from 25mm to 50mm and can be customised to suit.


Boat safety rails can accomodate a variety of different marine and boating accessories (depending on location):

  • Mid rails, which can be either wire or tube rails
  • Removable or fixed Cookout BBQ, or other marine BBQ brand
  • Removable pins for duckboard rails
    • Suitable to mount bait boards or Cookout BBQ's
  • Fender baskets
  • Rod holders
  • Rope cleats
  • Chain gates
  • Flag poles
  • Awning poles
  • Umbrellas
  • Any other marine accessory


All boat safety rails come with a 12-month warranty.

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