Why choose a gas fire pit?

If you're considering buying a fire pit for your outdoor living area one of the first questions you'll need to answer is wood-burning or gas-powered?

Pro's & Con's

Gas-powered fire pits


• Quick start-up and cutoff at the flip of a switch

• Clean operating conditions meaning no clean-up

• Adds a relaxing ambiance with very minimal effort

• No odor on clothes from smoke

• No discomfort or moving around from blowing smoke

• No gathering or lighting of wood required

• Full control of fire


• Smaller fires that are controlled

• Cost of installation compared to wood-burning fire pits, but attractive to look at before and after fire


Wood-burning fire pits


• Bigger fires 

• Entertainment by involvement of stoking the fire

• More warmth and heat compared to gas fire pits


• Smell of burning wood and smoke sticks to clothing

• Starting a fire takes a lot of effort and can be time-consuming and costly

• Cleaning up ashes and fire pit after each fire

• Blowing smoke can create discomfort and constantly moves direction

• An area is needed to stockpile all the wood

• Storing of wood can create an ideal area for bugs and animals to nest

• Local ordinances and restrictions may prohibit open burning

• Less control of fire


Personally we prefer a gas-powered fire pit because after all, how often is it that you have time to gather wood, start a fire and then clean up after each fire?

That's why we created our gas FirePit, that are made to suit either propane (bottled) or natural gas. The propane FirePit can accommodate a 4.5kg gas bottle within a built in compartment that is accessed via a door on the side of the appliance or can be plumbed in to a reticulated bottle supply.