Why electropolish stainless steel?

Protection that outshines all others. Long-lasting lustrous stainless steel finishes without tedious hand polishing, that's the advantage of electropolishing technology.

At Southern Stainless we can rejuvenate those blemished stainless steel fittings so your balustrade, boat or stainless product will outshine all others.

The electropolishing process yields maximum tarnish and corrosion resistance for stainless steel and is achieved by submerging fabricated finished stainless products into a chemical solution, then applying an electric current to strip any impurities from the surface of the stainless.

This leaves the stainless surface looking bright, clean and microscopically smooth.

We offer our electropolishing service direct from our Ormeau factory, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Contact us today to find out more about our electropolishing services and how we can prolong the life of your stainless product.