Electropolishing stainless steel Gold Coast

Electropolishing stainless steel in-house

Why we electropolish stainless steel.

Electropolishing stainless steel Queensland
Electropolishing stainless steel

We offer an in-house stainless steel electropolishing facility with a large electropolishing bath that measures 4m in length by 1.1m in width by 1.7m in depth, allowing us to electropolish substantial and sizeable objects.

The electropolishing process provides maximum tarnish and corrosion resistance for stainless steel. It is achieved by submerging fabricated finished stainless steel products into a chemical solution, then applying an electric current to strip any impurities from the surface of the stainless. Electropolishing leaves the stainless steel surface looking bright, clean and microscopically smooth.

We electropolish most of our range of Cookout BBQ's after fabrication to remove impurities from the stainless surface and promote a longer life span.

From stainless balustrades, chair and table frames to tanks and fittings, we can electropolish them direct from our Ormeau factory, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Contact us to find out more about our electropolishing services and how we can help prolong the life of your stainless product.