Electropolished stainless sculptures Gold Coast

Electropolished Stainless Chain Reaction sculptures

We have electropolished Stainless Chain Reaction sculptures.

The sculptures are made from stainless chain link into sculptures made in the shape of whales, dolphins, and chain links.

Stainless Chain Reaction; sculptures made from stainless steel by local Gold Coast artist and stainless steel expert Mike Van Dam.

Electropolishing these sculptures smooths the microscopic surface of the stainless by removing a thin layer of the metal surface and as such any impurities through an electrochemical process, leaving it bright, clean, and microscopically smooth.

This process yields maximum tarnish and corrosion resistance, leaves no fine directional lines from abrasive polishing, has excellent light reflection and depth of clarity.

We electropolish everything in-house at our Ormeau factory, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

No matter the size, we can electropolish it! Contact us today to find out more.