Electropolish large items Australia

We can electropolish large stainless items in our 4-metre-long electropolishing bath

Located in-house at our Ormeau based factory

Electropolishing large items
Electropolishing large items Australia

Our in-house electropolishing bath is capable of electropolishing large items measuring 4 meters in length x 1.1 meters in width x 1.7 meters in depth.

Our electropolishing facility is set-up for electropolishing stainless steel only and smooths the microscopic surface of the stainless item by removing metal from the items surface through an electrochemical process, leaving it bright, clean and microscopically smooth.

Benefits of electropolishing include; better physical appearance, easier cleaning, prevents tea-staining and enhanced mechanical properties, such as less friction and surface drag.

Have a stainless steel item that's longer than 4 meters? No problem, we are able to “double dip", which is where we can dip each end. However, when we do "double dip" there is overlap on the material that in-turn gets polished on two occasions so there may be a slightly shinier effect on this location.