Benefits of electropolishing stainless steel

Benefits of electropolishing stainless steel

Electropolishing Service Gold Coast and Brisbane
Electropolishing Service across Gold Coast and Brisbane

Why electropolish stainless steel?

Electropolishing streamlines and smooths the microscopic surface of stainless steel objects by removing metal from the object's surface through an electrochemical process leaving the surface of the stainless surface bright, clean and microscopically smooth.

In-house at our Gold Coast based factory we proudly offer a full electropolishing service.

So what are the benefits of electropolishing stainless steel?

  • Better corrosion protection
    • Maximum tarnish and corrosion resistance
    • Reduced tea staining
  • Increase the longevity of your stainless product
  • Better physical appearance of the stainless
    • No fine directional lines from abrasive polishing
    • Excellent depth of clarity and light reflection
  • Decreases cleaning time
    • Electropolished stainless surfaces are much easier to clean than a stainless surface that has not been electropolished
    • Reduces product contamination
    • Improves sterilisation and maintenance of hygienically clean surfaces for food, drug, beverage and chemical processing stainless equipment
  • Electropolishing is one of the most effective inspection tools for inspecting metal surfaces
  • Electropolishing allows you to polish areas inaccessible by other methods

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