World release at SCIBS of Epicure BBQ by Cookout BBQs

World Premiere of Epicure BBQ at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

This years Sanctuary Cove Boat Show is the World release of our brand new Epicure BBQ.

Let us introduce you to the Epicure BBQ.

Engineered and hand-made on the Gold Coast by Cookout BBQ's, the Epicure is a high-end flush mount BBQ and targeted at those who are after an incredible barbecue experience.

This BBQ offers the revolutionary dual zone cooking feature with 5mm, 2205 grade stainless teppanyaki and griddle cooking plates and a cooking temperature up to 250 degrees celsius.

Heat is easily controlled and retained. The teppanyaki plate perfectly grills on the flat surface of the BBQ, while the griddle plate creates those beautiful sear marks we all know and love.

Suitable for the back of the boat, or outdoors at home, barbecuing has never been easier.