Club Marine Magazine-Cookout BBQ Culinary Cruising

Sizzle into Summer – Club Marine Magazine Dec/Jan issue

Have you seen our Culinary Cruising article in the December/January 2019 issue of Club Marine Magazine?

We are proud to have partnered with Club Marine Magazine to create this months 'Culinary Cruising' spread in the December/January 2019 issue.

'Nothing shouts summertime dining more than a barbeque'

This 8-page spread showcases our Classic stainless steel BBQ and offers a simple yet versatile menu, expertly created by Lisa from Delectable Dining.

Here's a taste of what Liliana had to say about our BBQ's:

'This edition's Culinary Cruising was cooked entirely on Classic Cookout barbecues using a much-loved gas model, brand-new electric model mounted to the transom and a new gas barbie that we carried to a lonely beach. We found the installed and portable models equally a delight to use - they were searing hot in a jiffy and the gas burners fired reliably throughout the cook, even in a building sea breeze."

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