Stainless steel balustrades, handrails and products have a strong and enduring reputation. They are strong, durable, visually appealing, can last a lifetime and continually look brand new if cleaned and maintained correctly.

cleaning stainless steel balustrade

Why Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless steel balustrades, handrails and products can last a lifetime and continue looking 'new', if cleaned and maintained correctly.

When stainless balustrades and products are not cleaned and maintained they will most likely become tea stained, especially in coastal environments.

All balustrades and outdoor stainless products are exposed to industrial pollution and temperature fluctuation with coastal environments also experiencing salt and wind exposure. These elements build up over time and will eventually produce a dirty, cloudy, weathered and tea stained stainless product.

If any of these factors have occurred or your stainless is in need of cleaning, repairing or maintaining, we are here to help.

Our Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Our experienced team can help bring your stainless balustrade back to its former glory.

To ensure the best results our team will come to site and undertake an assessment, make recommendations and provide a price on how we can clean, fix and/or repair your damaged or stained stainless balustrade.

We then provide full project management including safe work methods statements, traffic and pedestrian management plans (if required) and environmental management.

Our professional cleaners will effectively clean, repair (if required) polish and remove tea staining by chemically washing down the stainless balustrade and connections, renewing the surface and prolonging the aesthetic appeal.

From large scale to small projects, Government and Council owned assets to commercial projects, residential or privately-owned balustrades we can fix, repair and mechanically polish welds or parts of stainless that are flawed.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help bring your stainless back to life.

Please Note: We only clean stainless steel.

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