We have led the way in metal fabrication in South East Queensland since 1985, incorporating techniques from marine to commercial, balustrade and residential projects.

Our team of highly trained tradesman, apprentices and management are ready and willing to take on any sized project offering professional advice and a finished product that will exceed your expectations.

We Excel in Commercial Projects

From the initial stages of receiving the project scope, specifications and drawings our estimators / draftsman work together to gain a full understanding of the project details to enable presentation of both comprehensive tenders and quotes.

Upon award of a commercial project via contract, acceptance of our terms & conditions or purchase order our estimators / draftsman are tasked with managing the projects through the fabrication process to completion; managing the flow of information including client requirements and fabrication shop drawings.

You can be assured your commercial project is in good hands.

Our team of tradesman, apprentices and trades assistants are highly skilled in delivering high-end fabrication and finishing of architectural balustrade projects.

Tradesman and apprentices are qualified to complete various engineered weld procedures, which provide quality assurance for the lifespan of the finished balustrade projects.

In-House Design and Project Management

Our administrative team is trained in Solid Works drafting and skilled with detailing drawings, material breakdowns and estimating projects.

Understanding project specifications we are able to price as per the specification as well as recommend cost saving solutions, which enable our clients to choose the most cost effect option for the best possible finish and provide excellent value for money.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Our in-house state of the art OMAX 2040 Abrasive Waterjet Cutter allows fast turnaround for profile cutting of all balustrade and other stainless project components. As soon as the raw material arrives at our facility our design team are able to immediately pass drawings to our water cutter for processing.

Laser Etching

Our in-house Trotec SpeedMarker 1300 laser station offers high quality laser etching with galvo marking technology.

This advanced machine allows us to number fabricated parts, laser mark control and specification panels for appliances and custom client projects with a working area of 1300mm x 450mm.

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Stainless Polishing

Our team of skilled polishers understands the difference between an average and excellent finish. Polishing stainless to meet specified RA smoothness is no easy feat.

Polishing grades range from 80Grit to 1000Grit and there can be up to four different grades of polishing to attain the correct finish on any stainless component. Through hard work and a keen eye for detail our polishers are capable of delivering the highest quality polishing available on the market.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stainless steel typically has a strong and enduring reputation for its visual appeal, structural integrity and practicality in a wide range of applications, products and environments.

A stainless balustrade, rail and product can last a lifetime and keep looking 'new', if cleaned and maintained correctly and far outperforms alternative metals.

In any coastal environment stainless balustrades will be subject to salt and wind exposure, industrial pollution and temperature fluctuation and if not cleaned and maintained will most likely become tea stained.

If tea staining occurs, we can help. Our qualified team come to site, do an assessment, make recommendations and provide a price on how we can clean, fix and/or repair your damaged or stained stainless balustrade.

We then provide full project management, which covers safe work methods statements, professionally trained staff, traffic and pedestrian management plans (if required) and environmental management.

We effectively remove tea staining by chemically washing down the stainless balustrade and connections, renewing the surface and prolonging the aesthetic appeal.

From large scale to small projects, Government and Council owned assets to commercial projects, residential or privately-owned balustrades we can fix, repair and mechanically polish welds or parts of stainless that are flawed.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help bring your stainless back to its original glory.


We are proud to offer an in-house electropolishing facility, with a bath capacity of 4 metres (length) x 1 metre (width) x 1.4 metres (depth).

Electropolishing streamlines and smooth’s the microscopic surface of stainless steel objects by removing metal from the objects surface through an electrochemical process leaving the stainless surface bright, clean and microscopically smooth.

During electropolishing, metal is removed ion by ion from the surface of the stainless steel object. Electropolishing is most advantageous when replacing traditional mechanical finishing such as grinding, milling, blasting and buffing as the final finish.

However, depending on the condition of the stainless surface these traditional methods are more often than not required prior to electropolishing in order to gain a better electropolished finish.

Custom Fabrication

We understand that each project is different and proudly offer a custom design and build service to fit your specialised commercial project or specific job requirements.

To get in touch give us a call on (07) 5549 0560 or simply fill in our enquiry form below with a description of your custom design or commercial project.

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