Cleaning outdoor stainless steel, Surfers Paradise sign

Cleaning outdoor stainless steel can be complicated, let our team help

Cleaning outdoor stainless steel can be a complicated and timely process, especially if the stainless steel is tea stained or rusted.

Stainless balustrades, handrails and other products can last a lifetime and continue looking 'brand new', if they are cleaned and maintained correctly.

When stainless isn't cleaned and maintained it will most likely become tea stained, especially in outdoor and coastal areas. If tea staining is not treated it will gradually get worse and eventually turn into rust.

When stainless steel is outdoors it is exposed to the elements, industrial pollution, temperature fluctuation and when in coastal areas it also experiences salt and wind exposure. All these elements build up over time and eventually produce a dirty, cloudy, weathered and tea stained stainless product.

These are all common factors and easily manageable. If this has happened to you our team can help clean, maintain and repair (if required) your stainless product.

As part of a recent cleaning project we cleaned the entire Surfers Paradise foreshore balustrade as well as the famous Surfers Paradise sign, located on the beach front at Surfers Paradise beach. This sign in particular was badly tea stained and needed a thorough clean, the before and after photos show what a difference our team can make (click on the images to view).