Stainless steel boat stern rail fabrication

Bayliner Capri custom stainless steel boat stern rail, duck board and removable Cookout BBQ mounts

Stainless steel boat stern rails

We recently designed, fabricated and installed a custom duckboard and stainless steel stern rail with removable Cookout BBQ mounts on a Bayliner Capri, Gold Coast.

Built to suit the curves of the boat the duckboard was fabricated from 38mm x 3mm stainless tube with a 12mm thick white king board infill with waterjet cut slots, which we cut in-house.

The removable stern rail was fabricated from quality 316 marine grade stainless steel and features removable pin mounts for a Classic Gas Portable Cookout BBQ.

We installed this entire job in our factory with the vessel on a trailer, ready to drive out and hit the water!