Rail mounted bait board

Searching for a rail mounted bait board?

Searching for a rail mounted bait board?

Our entire range of Australian made stainless steel bait boards offer a variety of different mounting options, including rail mounts allowing you to achieve your ideal board location on your boat.

Depending on where you are looking to set up your Cookout bait board, our mounting options include:

  • Clamp on Rail Mounts - Mounts with clamps to suit a range of different sized rails. Simply clamp the mounts to your existing rail and sit your bait board onto the mounts
  • Flush Deck Mounts - Once the deck mounts are installed, simply slide in the 1-inch (25.4mm diameter) posts and sit your bait board onto the posts
  • Removable Pins - 12mm diameter pin designed to drop through your existing stainless steel rail with a 25mm diameter upright to fit into your bait board. Installation requires a piece of 16mm x 1.5 diameter tube to be fabricated into your existing rail. The pins include a removable r-clip which secure the pin through the rail. The pins can be removed from the rail when the bait board is removed.
  • Welded Pins - These would be fabricated to the rail by a local fabrication company, if your vessel is on the Gold Coast, we can provide this service.

All mounting options are easy to install.

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