Fender baskets can easily clamp on to your bow rails, neatly holding your boats fenders

Keep your fenders in an easy to reach location with our stainless steel fender baskets.

Australian made fender basket stainless steel with tube clamps

Fender baskets attach to your boats bow rail to neatly and conveniently hold your fenders.

Available in a range of sizes we will have a basket to suit your fender.

Manufactured from high-grade 316 marine stainless steel our baskets are fully electropolished to reduce tea staining and increase longevity.

How do these fender baskets attach to your rail?

We offer two options for mounting your baskets, first option is to add two of our tube clamps. These clamps allow your baskets to easily clamp on to your rail, with a variety of clamp sizes available, depending on the size of your rail. The second option is for the baskets to be welded to the rail.

Doesn't matter if you own a yacht, power boat or cruiser. If you have a bow rail, you can have fender baskets.