Duckboards for boats Australia

We can extend or add a duckboard to your boat

Giving you more room to enjoy your boating.

Stainless duckboards for boats
Custom duckboards for boats

We can extend or add a duckboard to your boat, giving you more room to enjoy all the things you love about boating ... and more room to play.

Our Australian made duckboards are custom designed and fabricated to your preferred size, shape, finish and built to suit the curves of your boat.

Crafted to the highest standards using only the finest marine grade 316 stainless steel our duckboard frames are fully electropolished reducing tea staining and increasing longevity.

We can also include custom built stainless duckboard rails, which can either be removable or fixed and feature a variety of marine and boating accessories including, but not limited to Cookout BBQs, bait boards, rod holders, flag or awning poles and dinghy, tender or outboard mounts.