Removable Tubular Bait Board with holders Australia

Our removable mounts allow you to easily set up and remove your bait board

With a variety of different removable mounting options available mounting your bait board to the back of your boat is a breeze.

Tubular Bait Board at Lady Musgrave
Sheet Bait board makes cleaning your fish easy

Our premium range of bait boards can be mounted with a variety of different removable mounting options, allowing our bait boards to easily be installed and removed when no longer needed.

These removable mounting options are listed below:

  1. Flush Deck Mounts - Install these mounts into your transom, insert the posts then place the bait board on top of the posts. Remove the bait bard, then the posts for a flush finish.
  2. Clamp On Rail Mounts - As the name suggests these are clamp on mounts. Simply clamp the mount to your existing rail, tighten then add the bait board. To remove take bait board off, loosen clamp and remove.
  3. Removable Pins - Simply fabricate a tube into your existing boat rail then place the pins into this tube and secure the r-clip. To remove just undo r-clip, remove the bait board then the pins for a flush finish.

It doesn't matter if you own a power boat, yacht, houseboat or runabout, if it has a boat rail then it can easily mount one of our bait boards.

These versatile mounts can also be used for our range of Cookout BBQ's.