Brisbane Riverwalk Rebuild

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Our Role

Southern Stainless perused the Riverwalk rebuild entering into a 6-month tender process at the end of 2013.

The Main contractor John Holland was awarded the contract by Brisbane City Council who in turn awarded the stainless balustrade package to Southern Stainless.

The balustrade package was the largest sub-contract under the head contract.

Specifications for the stainless balustrade was to be 316 Marine Grade Stainless polished to 600Grit (fine satin) then fully electro polished after fabrication.

The total length of the Riverwalk is approximately 900m, which incorporates approximately 1900m of stainless balustrade.

The stainless balustrade consisted of four different types:

  • Pedestrian
  • Cycle
  • Mesh
  • Glass

Accessing Riverwalk

Riverwalk can be accessed from the city via the Howard Smith Wharves; entry is located at the end of Boundary Street under the Storey Bridge. From the Southern end, access is via Riverview Court near the end of Merthyr Road at New Farm.

About the Project

The New Farm Riverwalk is one of Brisbane City Council’s key river connections between New Farm and the Brisbane city centre. The walkway was constructed in 2003 and was used by over 3,000 cyclists, pedestrians and runners daily.

The January 2011 floods caused extensive damage to the original structure, causing a section of it to break and wash away downstream.

Project Features

Features of the new Riverwalk include:

  • A fixed, more flood-resilient structure, designed to last for 100 years
  • A rotating opening span to allow for the passage of vessels to and from moorings
  • A new alignment that will take users further out into the river for the majority of the walkway, to improve the river experience and increase privacy for residents
  • A segregated pedestrian and cycle path, 2.5m and 3.5m wide respectively
  • Shaded rest and viewing areas at various locations along the walkway


The replacement structure will be an important asset for our community and will:

  • Facilitate walking and cycling
  • Improve safety
  • Be flood resilient
  • Be cost effective
  • Be easily maintained


The New Farm Riverwalk is now open.


The Federal and State governments have committed funding to the New Farm Riverwalk replacement.

The total expected cost was approximately $72 million.